250+ Proven and Tested Attention-Grabbing Headlines

"What an fantastic resource for copywriters!" - Pete Fisher, The Science of Persuasion

How To [achieve this positive result]


‘How to..’ grabs attention because the reader anticipates they are about to learn something new which could improve their life. The secret is to focus on a need and the promise to fulfil that need. The how-to must highlight the benefit or final result, not the process itself e.g. “How to make $8,000/month just using your home computer” is better than “How to use your computer to start a full-time business at home”.

  • How To Melt Away Body Fat, Lose Weight And Create Your Ideal Body Easily And Permanently
  • How To Buy Money… Cheap!
  • How To Pick Men
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People
  • How To Become a Great Copywriter in Five Hours or Less
  • How To Get Your Customers To Promote Your Business For Nothing
  • How To Turn Your Child Into A Classroom Wizard
  • How To Stroke Wrinkles Right Out of Your Face!
  • How To Take Out Stains…Use [this product] And Follow These Easy Directions
  • How To Do Wonders With A Little Land!
  • How To Plan Your House To Suit Yourself
  • How To Build A Memory In 4 Short Weeks – So Powerful It Is Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Today! 
  • How To Live To Be A Hundred! - At last! A leading American doctor releases positive proof that you can add up to forty health-packed years to your life – AND LOOK UP TO TWENTY YEARS YOUNGER BY DOING IT!
  • How To Stay Young Till 90 - at last…a leading American physician shows you how
  • How To Make Up To 13 ½% Or More On Your Savings, All Fully Insured
  • How To Eat Your Way Out Of Fatigue!
  • How To Quadruple Your Investments In Days By Trading Gold, Silver And Pork Bellies!
  • How To Unleash Your Memory’s Unlimited Power and Improve Every Aspect Of Your Life
  • How To Enjoy Massive Savings On All Your Travel
  • How To Make Serious Money From The Coming Stock Market Rebound

How I [achieved this desirable outcome]


Personal stories of success and achievement, particularly by ordinary people, enable the reader to put themselves in the shoes of the narrator. This can create empathy, hope and a meeting of minds.

  • How I Made a Fortune With A “Fool Idea”
  • How I Lost 14 Pounds In 14 Days
  • How I Improved My Memory In One Evening
  • How I Have Partied My Way Around The World… For Free!
  • How I Changed The Lives Of A Million People From My Kitchen Table

How Often [have you wanted to avoid this problem] ?

It is hard for most people to start reading a question without continuing to find out what the full question is. ‘How often…’ is proven to be one of the best openers to pique the reader’s curiosity. This headline is most effective when it either highlights a goal the reader continually puts off or a problem they are embarrassed/concerned about.

  • How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “No, I Haven’t Read It: I’ve Been Meaning To!”
  • How Often Have You Said To Yourself “I Will Learn To Play An Instrument One Day?”
  • How Often Have You Wanted To Talk To A Girl, But Been Too Scared To Approach Her?
  • How Often Have You Said To Yourself: “I Wish I Understood My Pension Better”
  • How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “I Must Spend More Time With My Children Before They Grow Up”?

How A [event/discovery achieved this result]


This headline opener is usually used when a simple, everyday event or discovery achieves an unusual or extraordinary result. Keep it short for maximum impact and ensure the statement generates unbearable curiosity.

  • How A “Fool Stunt” Made Me A Star Salesman
  • How A New Kind Of Clay Improved My Complexion In 30 Minutes
  • How An Everyday Herb Cured 20 Years Of Insomnia
  • How A 6 Year-Old Orphan Saved 123 Lives
  • How A Terrible Divorce Made Me The Happiest Man In The World

How Much [money/time/worry is problem costing you] ?


Losing something is usually a stronger motivator than gaining something. This headline works by focusing the reader’s attention on something they could lose if they don’t take action quickly.

  • How Much Is “Worker Tension” Costing Your Company?
  • How Much Of Your Life Do You Lose Forever Commuting To Work?
  • How Much Of The Electricity, You Pay For, Is Wasted?
  • How Much Value Will Your Pension Lose If You Don’t Act Now?
  • How Much Money Are You Losing Every Year By Leaving Your Bank To ‘Manage’ Your Savings?

The Secret Of [achieving this desirable outcome]


Exclusivity, greed and the sense of power that comes from knowing something that other people don’t know are compelling motivators. This headline structure is usually used for selling information services which give the buyer an advantage over those that don’t have the same information e.g. if I learn the secret of making money on the stock market, someone else who doesn’t know the secret is likely to lose.

  • The Secret Of Protecting Your Assets In Litigation
  • The Secret Of Moonlighting Your Way To A Million Dollars
  • The Secret Of Making People Like You
  • The Secret Of Picking Winning Horses Without Understanding Racing
  • The Secret Of Effortlessly Creating Movie-Quality Home Videos
  • The Secret Of Doubling Your Salary Without Working Harder
  • The Secret Of Finding Your Perfect Partner Using Online Dating
  • The Secret Of Getting Your Home Loan Approved
  • The Secret Of How Models Stay Young Till Sixty!
  • The Secret Of How To Make More Money In A Falling Market Than A Rising One

Little Known Ways To [achieve this desirable result]


Similar to “The Secret of …”, this less common structure can sometimes achieve better response. It appeals to people’s desire to gain personal advantage from knowing something that others don’t.

  • Little Known Ways To Reduce Your Weight Without Dieting
  • Little Known Ways To Get A First Class Upgrade On International Flights
  • Little Known Ways To Improve Your Kids Intelligence
  • Little Known Ways To Save Your Heating Bill
  • Little Known Ways To Buy Flats, Houses & Offices Repossessed By Banks And Building Societies – AT HALF PRICE

Who Else Wants To [achieve this result]


‘Who else’ is the opposite motivator to exclusivity; it uses social proof to persuade the reader. It implies ‘many other people like you have achieved this result so there is no reason you can’t…and we’re going to tell you how’. It is most effective for outcomes with universal appeal like losing weight, finding a partner, achieving financial security, saving time, etc.

  • Who Else Wants A Screen Star Figure?
  • Who Else Wants An Easy-To-Run-From-Anywhere Internet Business?
  • Who Else Wants To Retire Ten Years Early?
  • Who Else Wants Lighter Cake ---In Half The Mixing Time?
  • Who Else Wants To Be A Girl Magnet?

What Everybody Should Know About [achieving this result]


Challenges the reader to find out if they are missing something that everyone else knows about. Like gossip in an office, people don’t like being excluded.

  • What Everybody Should Know About Getting A Second Passport
  • What Everyone Should Know About Clearing Their Credit Record
  • What Everyone Should Know About How Doctors Stay Healthy
  • What Everyone Should Know About Overpaying Company Tax
  • What Everyone Should Know About Buying And Selling Stocks

Here Is A Method That Is Helping [people similar to you] To [achieve this result]


This headline matches a clearly defined audience with a single, clearly stated benefit. It deliberately implies a foolproof method for achieving a commonly desired result.

  • Here Is A Method That Is Helping Small Business Owners Double Their Income
  • Here Is A Method That Is Helping Kids Stay Safe At School
  • Here Is A Method That Is Helping Musicians Win High-Royalty Recording Contracts
  • Here Is A Method That Is Helping Homeowners Save Hundreds On Insurance
  • Here Is A Method That Is Helping Stay-At-Homes Moms Make $2,000+ A Month

Here’s A Quick Way To [achieve this desirable outcome]


People are always looking for quick and easy ways to solve a problem, gain financial reward or achieve something that usually takes time, money and effort.

  • Here’s A Quick Way To Make $1,000 A Month from Your Hobby
  • Here’s A Quick Way To Build A Business Selling Unwanted Books On eBay
  • Here’s A Quick Way To Reduce The Cost Of Your Wedding By 25%
  • Here’s A Quick Way To Ensure Your Computer Data Is Always Backed Up
  • Here’s A Quick Way To Get Rid Of Your Cold
  • Here’s A Quick Way To Uncover Hidden Profits In Your Farm

Now You Can [achieve this desirable outcome]


The word ‘now’ suggests that something that previously was not achievable can now be achieved and the reader is about to find out how. The structure works well when the promised outcome is a positive lifestyle improvement.

  • Now You Can Move To South America And Live like Royalty For $1,000 A Month
  • Now You Can Launch Your Own Online Business Without Spending A Dime
  • Now You Can Grow Make Your Own Wine That Would Make A Bordeaux Vintner Proud!
  • Now You Can Lose 20, 40, 60, 80 EVEN 100 Pounds … And Never Gain An Ounce Of It Back
  • Now You Can Make Your Face Look As Though Time Was Running Backwards
  • Here’s How You Can Retire In Luxury To A 3-Bed Hillside Tuscan Cottage … For Half As Much As It Would Cost To Stay Where You Are Now!

[Do something] Like [world-class example]


Everyone dreams of being like someone else, usually a celebrity or high-profile personality. This simple, but effective attention grabber plays on the powerful motivator of envy and celebrity-worship.  

  • Tell Jokes Like Eddie Murphy
  • Be As Charismatic As Bill Clinton
  • Write Like A Professional Journalist
  • Have The Confidence Of Donald Trump
  • Pull Birds Like Brad Pitt
  • Party Like Paris Hilton
  • Invest Like The World’s Wealthiest 1%

Have A [attribute, event or possession] You Can be Proud of / Build [something] You Can Be Proud Of


Appeals to an individual’s vanity, dissatisfaction or shame. Works well with products or services, which improve physical appearance or improve an individuals standing amongst friends and peers.

  • Have a Body You Can Be Proud Of
  • Design And Build A House You Can Be Proud Of
  • Organise A Wedding You Can Be Proud Of
  • Have A Smile You Can Be Proud Of
  • Have A Glowing Complexion You Can Be Proud Of

Have You [this problem or goal]?


Asking a direct question, which highlights a problem or desire that your target audience has, forces your reader to think about how they would answer. The question should encourage a ‘yes’ or at least an ‘I’m not sure, but I want to know more’.  This is a similar formula to “Are You Ever…”

  • Have You Got These Symptoms Which Precede a Nervous Breakdown?
  • Have You Got A “Worry” Stock In Your Portfolio?
  • Have You Ever Missed Out On A Job You Really Wanted?
  • Have You Ever Dreamed Of Writing A Book?
  • Have You Ever Paid Too Much For Car Maintenance?

Are You Ever/Always [suffering this problem]?

Similar to “Have You Ever…”. This direct, question-based headline is aimed at grabbing the attention of people who suffer from a particular problem. It works well when you need to sift out prospects from a general audience. The word ‘ever’ broadens the reach, whilst ‘always’ narrows it; you should test both.

  • Are You Ever Tongue-Tied At Parties?
  • Are You Always The Bridesmaid And Never The Bride?
  • Are You Ever Worried About Your Teenagers Getting Hold Of Drugs?
  • Are You Ever Scared Of Flying?
  • Are You A Wage-Slave Zombie?

See How Easily You Can [desirable result]

People generally love the idea of getting something they want or learning something new with the minimum of effort. It appeals to the motivators of instant gratification, convenience and pleasure.

  • See How Easily You Can Learn To Juggle
  • See How Easily You Can Sell Your House For The Highest Possible Price
  • See How Easily You Can Make Money From Advertising On The Internet
  • See How Easily You Can Halve Your Grocery Bill By Growing Your Own Food
  • See How Easily You Can Improve Your Eyesight And Throw Away Your Glasses

Give Me [short time period] And I’ll [give you this positive outcome]

This headline is effective because it promises the reader a compelling benefit in a short, defined time period. People are motivated by getting something they want quickly, the speed suggesting the process of getting the benefit will be easy.

  • Give Me Five Minutes A Day And I’ll Teach You How To Be An Internet Marketing Expert
  • Give Me Three Days And I’ll Teach You To Touch Type Like a Pro
  • Give Me Three Minutes And I’ll Teach You To Write Headlines That Will Hook Your Readers Every Time
  • Give Me Just 5 Minutes And I’ll Show You How To Become A Financial Trading Whizz Making Thousands Of Dollars Every Year By Profiting From The Lucrative World Of Trend Trading
  • Give Me Just One Hour And I Will Reduce Your Tax Bill By At Least 20% - Or Pay Me Nothing

If You Don’t [do this thing], You’ll Hate Yourself Later

The prospect of missing an opportunity or being excluded is a strong motivator. Whether it is a social activity, financial opportunity or time-limited event people can feel like they have lost something if they don’t take action to participate.

  • If You Don’t Learn Internet Marketing Today, You’ll Hate Yourself Later
  • If You Don’t Go To Berlin Before it is Ruined, You’ll Hate Yourself Later
  • If You Don’t Sell Your Shares Today, You’ll Hate Yourself Later
  • If You Don’t Learn To Play An Instrument Today, You’ll Hate Yourself Later
  • If You Don’t Own A Harley, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

The Lazy Way To [achieve a desirable outcome]


Everyone likes to get something they want without spending time and/or money to get it. It particularly works well when appealing to a hard working, time-poor audience.

  • The Lazy Way To Find Your Dream Retirement Home
  • The Lazy Man’s Way To Create a Hassle Free Garden
  • The Lazy Mom’s Way To Build a Business at Home
  • The Lazy Dad’s Way To Learn How To Cook
  • The Lazy Blogger’s Way To Write An Engaging Post Everyday
  • The Lazy Person’s Guide To Saying Goodbye To Your Middle-Aged Body

The Top 10 (20) (50) [tips, events, resources, etc]

Top 10 lists is another evergreen headline, which consistently achieves good results. It is usually used for articles, but can be used for direct response advertising.

  • The Top 10 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Domain Name
  • The Top 10 Foods For Improving Your Child’s Intelligence
  • The Top 50 Greatest Direct Response Headlines
  • The Top 10 Exercises For Achieving Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Body
  • The Top 100 Free Internet Services For Bloggers

Would You Recognize the [number] Early Warning Signs of [this problem]?


This is a list-based headline which is wrapped up in a much more compelling structure. The use of the words ‘early warning signs’ creates urgency, worry and doubt. The headline promises to tell you the critical list of things you need to know to avoid a problem, illness or bad event. Who wouldn’t want to know this?

  • Would You Recognize The 3 Early Signs Of A Heart Attack?
  • Would You Recognize The 7 Early Warning Signs Your Children Are Taking Drugs?
  • Would You Recognize The 10 Early Warning Signs A Key Employee Is Planning To Leave?
  • Would You Recognize The 3 Signs Your Bank Is Over Charging You?
  • Would You Recognize The 5 Signs Your Husband Is Having An Affair?

Do You Make These [types of] Mistakes?

This headline is a fail-safe attention grabber if you really understand your audience. No one likes to make mistakes and people will take action to reduce or avoid pain or loss.

  • Do You Make These Website Design Mistakes?
  • Do You Make These Costly Mistakes When Paying Your Taxes?
  • Do You Make These Basic Dog Training Mistakes?
  • Do You Make These Mistakes In English?
  • Do You Do Any Of These 10 Embarrassing Things?

You Don’t Have To Be [something the reader is not] To [achieve this result]

Most people have a preconceived idea of what they can achieve given their skills, assets and demographics. This headline is an effective way of getting a reader to challenge their own perceptions and reassess their ability to achieve something they previously thought they couldn’t.

  • You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Retire Early
  • You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Travel The World
  • You Don’t Have To Diet Or Exercise To Lose Weight
  • You Don’t Have To Be George Clooney To Date A Swimsuit Model
  • You Don’t Have To Donate Any Money To Save A Child’s Life

[A new skill] Which Means [the positive result of attaining the skill]

Every sales person is repeatedly told to focus on the benefits not the features. The simple phrase ‘which means’ turns any feature, activity or event into a benefit – ‘this kettle has two heating elements which means you waste half as much time waiting for it to boil’. Focusing on benefits is always a good practise, but turning ‘which means’ into a compelling headline is difficult

  • A Better Way To Manage Your Day Which Means More Quality Time With Your Kids
  • Quick-to-Learn Marketing Tricks Which Means Thousands of New Website Visitors With Little Effort
  • Control the Mind of Your Prospects Which Means Easier And Quicker Sales
  • We Added One Secret Ingredient Which Means Your Pastry Will Be Perfect Every Time
  • We’ve Added Neoprene To Our Boots Which Means You’ll NEVER Have Cold Feet Again

I Have [this situation or problem]. How can I [get this desired result]?”

In most magazines and newspapers the personal problems page is always one of the most popular. People are generally very interested in other people’s problems, particularly when they can imagine the same situation happening to them. This headline should be accompanied by a picture of the person speaking.

  • “I haven’t had a boyfriend for 12 months. How can I find a perfect guy on the Internet?”
  • “I have built a fantastic website with great content, but still nobody comes. How can I get a steady stream of visitors?”
  • “I dream of running my own business from home. How do I start?”
  • “Every time I stop dieting, the pounds quickly pile back on. How do I stop this happening?”
  • “Less able people are being promoted over my head. How do I get the job I deserve?”

You Can [achieve this result] If You [do this simple thing]

Our schooling system indoctrinates us to accept being told ‘you can do this if you simply do this’: “You can pass your exams if you simply do your homework” or “You can get in the soccer team, if you simply practise more”. This form of expectation setting stays with us throughout our lives, which is why this headline format engages many audiences.

  • You Can Laugh At Money Worries --- If You Follow This Simple Plan
  • You Can Eat Whatever You Like --- If You Do These Simple Exercises
  • You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Flying FOREVER --- If You Spend Just 15 Minutes With One Of Our Consultants
  • You Can Wow Any Audience --- If You Understand The 5 Simple Rules Of Public Speaking
  • You Can Swap Your Middle Age Spread For A Six Pack --- If You Do These 3 Easy Exercises Sitting At Your Desk

At Last! [something new and exciting]

The words ‘at last!’ suggest a long-standing problem has finally been solved. People are inquisitive to find out if it is a problem that they have. Curiosity is a basic human instinct.

  • At Last! A Plastic Surgeon’s Diet
  • At Last! Instant Acne Control
  • At Last! An Effortless Garden Your Neighbours Will Covert
  • At Last! Confidence On Demand
  • At Last! An Alcohol-Free Beer Which Tastes Like Beer
  • At Last! Natural Face Lifting By Exercise!

Announcing/ Breaking News! [something new]

Starting a headline with ‘Announcing’ or ‘Breaking News’ suggests you are about to tell the reader about something brand new … and in people’s mind ‘new’ implies better. People are naturally curious and love being the first to know about new stuff; it stems from the ingrained belief that ‘knowledge is power’.

  • Announcing … The New Encyclopaedia That Makes Learning Fun
  • Announcing A Natural And Potent Viagra Substitute With None Of The Side Effects
  • Announcing – An Exciting New Way To Lose Weight With “Miracle Fat-Burning Foods”
  • Announcing A Proven Low-Risk High-Reward Approach To Trading The World’s Commodity Futures Markets
  • Breaking News! You Never Need To Pay Another Speeding Fine---NEVER!
  • Breaking News! American Scientists Have Created The Perfect Alternative To A Mined Diamond

World’s First/Fastest/Smallest/Lightest …

Many people are fascinated by products and services that achieve breakthroughs in technology or what is perceived to be achievable. This can be a powerful advertising headline if the claim is true, verifiable and the feature has real value to the customer.

  • World’s First Effortless Exerciser!
  • World’s Smallest Police Camera Detector
  • Official! The World’s Lightest Cabin Luggage
  • The World’s Most Precious Of Metals Is Enjoying Dynamic Price Growth…Just Imagine If You Too Could Own Some. Well You Can.
  • World’s Easiest Yoga
  • The World’s Greatest Minds Force-Feed Their Knowledge Into Your Brain Automatically!

An Automatic Way To [achieve a desired result with little effort]

Everyone dreams of finding the way of making money without having to do anything to earn it. In their heart everyone knows it is not possible, but it doesn’t stop them from being drawn, like moths to a light, to headlines that promise to fulfil this dream.

  • An Automatic Way To Get An Income for Life of $20,000 … $50,000 … $100,000 a Year …Without Working … from a Business That Runs Itself
  • An Automatic Way To Learn A New Language
  • An Automatic Way To Get Your Website Visitors To Pull Out Their Credit Cards And Buy What You Are Selling
  • An Automatic Way To Remember Names And Faces
  • An Automatic Way To Invest Alongside The Greatest Traders In The World

Break All The Rules And [achieve this result]

Even honest and law abiding people like the idea of breaking the rules to achieve a result that people who stick to the rules can’t achieve.

  • Break All The Rules And Win A 35 Year-Old Body At 50 – 60 – 70 Or Beyond!
  • Break All The Rules And Earn A Six Figure Income Working Just Four Hours A Week!
  • Break All The Rules And Watch Your Memory Improve The Older You Get!
  • Break All The Rules! Travel The Word First Class For The Price Of Economy
  • Break All The Rules And Double, Triple Or Even Quadruple The Value Of Every Sale

It Seems Incredible That [you can achieve this for so little money /time/effort]

Anticipates the reader’s natural scepticism and disbelief if your offer seems to be too good to be true. If you can overcome the doubt in advance, a great offer will become a must-have deal.

  • It Seems Incredible That You Can Offer These Signed Originals Etchings --- For Only $5 Each
  • It Seems Incredible That You Could Double Your Salary By Learning To Speed Read
  • It Seems Incredible That Over 70% Of UK Employees Pay Too Much Tax. How Much Are You Over Paying?
  • It Seems Incredible That Only 1 Car Out Of 73 Tested Got The Highest Safety Rating
  • It Seems Incredible That You Can Halve Your Risk Of Heart Disease So Easily

Why Some [extraordinary things happen]


The headline appeals to the reader’s curiosity. It can be used to inform people of something they didn’t know e.g. Why some people are twice as likely to die from cancer, or to explain why some people achieve results easily, e.g. Why some people stay thin without diets or exercise.

  • Why Some Foods “Explode” In Your Stomach
  • Why Some People Almost Always Make Money On The Stock Market
  • Why Some People Attract Friends Like A Human Magnet
  • Why Some People Seem To Have All The Luck!
  • Why Some Freelance Writers Are So Busy They Have To Keep Turning Work Away

9 Out Of 10 [of this type of person use this product or service]


Third party endorsement by groups of people who are perceived as experts is a very powerful persuader. Many people’s natural instinct is to follow what other people do and if these people are also experts, the motivation is even more compelling. This headline tends to be used in display, radio and television advertising.

  • 9 Out Of 10 Dentists Recommend xxxx Toothpaste
  • 9 Out Of 10 Cat Owners Say Their Cats Prefer Whiskas
  • 9 Out Of 10 Copywriters Use This Service At Least Once A Week
  • 9 Out Of 10 PR Agencies Have Used Our Press Release Distribution Service This Year
  • 9 Out Of 10 Retailers Say Shoplifting Is Getting Worse

Which Of These [desirable outcomes would you prefer]

Sales professionals call this approach the assumptive close; you assume the prospect already wants your product or service; all that is left for them to do is decide which one. It can be even more powerful, if you a add price reduction or a risk-free guarantee to a instantly available offer

  • Which Of These $2.50 To $5 Best Sellers Do You Want --- For Only $1?
  • Which Of These Dresses Would You Wear At The Beach This Summer? Can’t Decide? Buy One Today And We Will Send You The Other One FREE!
  • Which Of These Hotels Would You Choose In Paris, If We Could Get You There For Half Price?
  • Which Of These Mistakes Could Halve The Value Of Your Pension?

Guaranteed To [achieve this result] --- Or [pay nothing/get a reward]

Before people make a purchase, they think about the reasons they shouldn’t buy. The more of these reasons you can eliminate upfront, the more chance you have of making a sale. The word ‘guaranteed’ suggests risk-free, which can eliminate a lot doubts.

  • Guaranteed To Go Through Ice, Mud or Snow --- Or We Pay The Tow
  • Guaranteed To Improve Your Sex Life ---Or We Will Refund 110% Your Money, No Questions Asked!
  • Guaranteed To Cut You Gas Bill By 20% --- Or We Will Pay The Difference
  • Guaranteed To Overcome The Body Chemicals That Keep You Fat! Or You Pay Nothing
  • Guaranteed To Improve Your Child’s School Marks ---Or Pay Nothing!

Imagine [achieving this result]


This headline encourages the readers to visualise themselves already having achieved the promised outcome. Ads selling lottery tickets always contain sports cars, beautiful houses and sandy beaches to enable viewers to visualise themselves as winners. This headline is intended to have a similar effect.

  • Imagine Holding An Audience Spellbound For 30 Minutes
  • Imagine Earning $11,563 A Month Working Just 4 Hours A Week
  • Imagine Sitting By The Pool At Your Tuscan Villa Whilst Your Business Runs Itself
  • Imagine Having A Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio Which Makes Money Whilst You Sleep

Don’t Let [this problem stop you succeeding]


This headline succeeds because it identifies the unwanted consequence of a common problem. Everyone wants to solve personal problems.

  • Don’t Let Athlete’s Foot “Lay You Up”
  • Don’t Let Bad Breath Drive Girls Away
  • Don’t Let Shyness Hold You Back
  • Don’t Let Naysayers Ruin Your Dreams

Get Rid Of [this problem] Once And For All


A simple, but effective headline structure, which is usually used to promise a cure for a medical or psychological condition. People will pay to get rid of a persistent problem.

  • Get Rid Of Bad Breath Once And For All
  • Get Rid Of Your Acne Once And For All
  • Get Rid Of Your Fear Of Flying Once And For All
  • Get Rid Of Public Speaking Nerves Once And For All
  • Get Rid Of Your Stress Once And For All
  • Get Rid Of Your Love Handles Once And For All
  • Get Rid Of Your Insomnia Once And For All
  • Get Rid Of Your Unproductive Work Habits Once And For All
  • Get Rid Of That Carpet Stain Once And For All

Don’t Pay A Penny [for this product/course/service] Till/Until [you have got this result]

Readers love this proposition; they receive something for nothing and only pay once they have used the product or service and proven that it delivers the promised results. This is a very successful approach for diets, DVD courses, instructional books, etc. In reality most people pay because of the power of reciprocity; if someone receives something for free, they feel indebted to the giver until they have settled the inequality.

  • Don’t Pay A Penny For This Exerciser Till You Can See Your Six-Pack!
  • Don’t Pay One Penny Until This Course Turns You Into A Human Computer!
  • Don’t Pay A Penny For This Book Till It Doubles Your Power To Learn!
  • Don’t Pay A Penny Until This Course Turns Your Mind Into A Mental Magnet

Do You [have what it takes to get this result]?

A deliberately direct and often provocative question phrased to get a response from the reader.

  • Do You Have The Courage To Earn Half A Million Dollars A Year?
  • Do You Love Your Job … or Is It Stealing Your Life?
  • Do You Ignore How Much You Drink?
  • Do You Want To Profit From Financial Markets Regardless of Trading Conditions?

Why Haven’t [you learned of these problems]?


People become indignant and demanding when they think that information they should know about is being withheld. They naturally want to learn the truth.

  • Why Haven’t People In Debt Been Told These Facts?
  • Why Haven’t You And Your Family Been Told These Facts?
  • Why Haven’t Doctors Explained The Dangers Of These Medicines?
  • Why Haven’t Children With ADD Been Given This Safe Cure?
  • Why Haven’t You Be Told How To Reduce Your Tax Bill?